This is my video game blog. I made this site because I love video games! There are new horizons within sight for the video game industry. The Oculus Rift is making gamers active again in virtual reality. Find the best oculus rift games and get the new dev kit. Players in VR develop very quick reflexes and augmented dexterity. Some individuals develop razor sharp reflexes by taking part in quick paced games.

Video games in general assist in relieving stress. Games serve people by providing a secure outlet for aggression. They provide useful results dealing with depression too. All people keep busy taking part in games. Seniors tend to neglect their health to play various games. These games also supply them a method of interacting with their grandchildren since this is often a standard space of interest. Play the best free games for the oculus rift. They promote learning too. There are many puzzles and brain teasers that require mathematical or analytical skills. Some games also are very useful in developing ability.

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UPDATE: on the impact page it looks like there is an updated version of the zombie game